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Telling a Story with Your Code

Telling a Story with Your Code Latisha McNeel, Full Stack Developer at G2i This article first appeared in G2i . Programming is part art and part science. How does story telling with your code fit into this dichotomy? A story is an accounting of a set of events or people, real or imaginary. Code is either a system of words, letters or figures substituted for other words, letters or figures, especially for the purposes of secrecy or programming instructions. Sometimes, while reading code (computer science), both definitions apply. In the talk about inclusivity, everyone, all humans, should be able to use the applications or products we build. If we are building for everyone, why then are we writing code like we only want those with our decoder ring to be collaborators? Or we only want the computer to be able to decode what we wrote? Whether we are writing a novel, a short story, an article or code, our audience is always our fellow humans. The computer can interpret the statements wheth