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What is the biggest mistake people make while learning programming?

Computer programming was the new swag in the old days. and it is till today. Programmers are cool. aren't they? Although they have a really f*cked up routine. Correction, they have no routine at all.  Despite all this, most of the gamers would like to meet those who created Pubg or COD if they get a chance. If you know how to code, you can make your computer dance on your fingertips like a bar dancer. And how can we forget the new cool, AI. If you are a graphic designer and reading this, FYI AI does not mean only Adobe Illustrator all the time. It means artificial intelligence here. And the most attractive thing you can get from programming is online money. $$$$ What else you can get from programming? You can design a mobile game as a gift for your girlfriend and hang her photos everywhere. You can give her whatever you want in the game. Even a little spy which can tell you about her activity, location, etc. Sounds interesting? What else? You can make an automation tool that can ge