How To Use Notepad To Keep Your Credentials Secure From A Kelogger?

avoid keylogger
Thanks to Dmitry Ratushny
Keylogging is considered one of the most dangerous attack in cyber security because it is hard to detect and it can steal your most valueble information.
Keylogger is a malware which records your keystrokes and send it to the intended person or store it in local storage which can latter be used for any purpose.
It can record your social media account passwords, bank acount PIN, emails you type to your boss, messages you send to you ba, litrally everything you type.
Keyloggers are spread through the same means other malware are distributed. It could be directly installed in a victim's device or sent via the Internet.
Direct installation is hard and could be easily prevented. However, you need to take some security measures in order prevent remote installation. 
There are some useful methds which can keep you secure from keyloggers. Gavin Phillips lists here 5 of them to protect yourself against keyloggers.
But these precautionary measures work only for your own device.
Consider a situation when you need to use someone's else computer or phone for some purpose and you are required to enter your credentials. The task is crutial but you are not sure whether the device is secure or not.
There could possiblly be a spying eye watching you type your PIN and password.

How to avoid keylogger in these conditions?

Act like a magician. Keylogger is your spectator. All you need to do is to distract it.
Open a text editor and type something radom which contains your credentials. If your password contains dictionary words, write a sentence ot having those words. For numerical values, type from 0 to 9. Write extra special characters in combination to those in your password. Then make selctions and copy and paste the required parts of your credentials.
This method is secure because keyloggers record only the things you type. 
You type nothing or you distract it.


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