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5 Mistakes that I've Made: You Don't Repeat It.

Regretful Man

Nathan Dumlao
Being human, all of us are subject to make mistakes. Mistakes which can take us down to the hell or up to the sky. No body wants to make a single mistake but it just happens. It happens without our intention. I haven't heard of anyone who intentionally make mistakes again and again.
What the word mistake means to me is if we set a goal and take actions to achieve those goals and we mis our target, we call our action a mistake. It means we failed to hit our target by taking an action with a bad timing or in a wrong way. We plan, we prepare and pursue towards our goal. If we mis, we get an unwanted reaction which nobody loves. It is up to us how do we react to the reaction. Either we repeat the same mistake, which sounds foolish, doesn't it? yes it does sound foolish. or we learn from it and change our course of action.
So I can say that there are two sides of a mistake too. Here I will share with you 5 mistakes that I have made which I don't want you to make.

1. Inconsistency

I have never been consistent with anything, especially with my studies. Before bachelor's, I was studying biology and suddenly my interest started shifting towards computers. Consequently, I changed my field to computer science. With an abrupt switch to a new field, I had to struggle more as compared to my other class mates but I managed it somehow.
Initially in computer science, I was interested in programming. For 3 semesters, I dedicated almost all of my time to learn everything about programming. I used to code for more than 10 hours daily. In the middle of the course, I moved to website development which is was still programming but then I switched to networks. It was different this time. After networks, I felt that I was interested in computer security and it felt like yah dude, this what you are born for. But no, I moved to Android development and then to game development.
I thought that at the end of the degree I would have many options to choose from for my career onward. I did had enough options to choose one from. But voting for the most suitable option is one of the most difficult task. At the end, I was frustrated and depressed.
Once you make choice, stick with it.

2. Time mismanagement

 The most difficult and crucial task in life is how you manage your time. As Miles Davis says 
Time isn't the main thing, it is the only thing
I don't know who he is, I just Googled time management quotes and grabbed this one. It sounds more powerful and generic. Time isn't the main thing to think about, it is the first thing to be thought about. If you have a goal and you have time to make a plan for it, thats great. But if you want to go beyond your goals and touch the peeks, you have to manage your time first. This is what I have learned from my mistakes. Due to time mismanagement, I failed to gain the results that I think I could have got otherwise.
 There are many time management techniques. Sit down, dissect your time and prioritize your work.

3. Procrastination

  Procrastination means that you have to do some work but you keep postponing it without any reason. If you feel good by not doing anything which you have to, congratulations, you are a successful procrastinator. It eats all of your plan if you have any. 
Procrastination is a combine result of time mismanagement, lack of interest and lack of motivation. Once you get addicted to it, it never leaves you. Better is don't let it grab your mind. Otherwise, you will end up with regrets as I did. But you know, it never too late. It just takes a second to realize and get back to work. 
To get rid of procrastination, keep yourself motivated.

4. No Vision

A man without a vision is like a body without soul. As a body has no meaning without a soul similarly a man with no vision has no existence - Mind Freak
 Once, I was asked what plans do you have for your future? I replied I only care about tomorrow, I don't have any long term plans. I said that because I believed that we are nobody to plan for future. Our future is already planned for us above the sky. What will I get if I made a plan and it does not work the way I want it to? Regrets.
After reading self development articles by top authors, I felt that I was wrong. I was inconsistent because I had no plan. My interests were changing frequently because I didn't had any proper goal. I was like a wanderer at nowhere.
I would strongly recommend you to spare sometime and decide your goals. At least for the time being.

 5. Lack of Imagination

I was reading a book or an article, I don't remember exactly. The author was describing a case study. They made two teams of basketball players who just started practicing. One team was guided in the court practically while the other team was guided inside a room via their imagination. They were not involved physically in the game but mentally. After the trail period ended, both teams were tested in the court and surprisingly both teams performed with almost the same results.
If you can imagine yourself somewhere, you will be really there one day. But you can imagine yourself only if you have a vision.
No vision, no imagination. No imagination means less productivity.


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