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QUESTION: How to choose a career path as a student?

QUESTION: How to choose a career path as a student? If you are a student and you are confused about your study area or it is hard for you to decide a career path then congratulations, you are not alone. Almost every student is feeling the same. It is the beginning of tough time that every successful person you see today has been through. You are not any special. It is a panic for everyone but the level of intensity vary from person to person. I will use students and people interchangeably. Some people get good mentor-ship while some have got a good luck which reduces their pain in some way. But many students have to figure out their way by own. Sounds disheartening, isn’t it? It’s OK. Get over it. I was sort of the latter kind of student but luckily at the end of my degree I meet with my most respected mentors. Whenever I have to make a choice, I surely contact them and request them for their advice. It does not mean that I follow 100% of the advice all the time but it make

Where Is Artificial Intelligence Leading The World? To The END?

Less than 100 years old Artificial intelligence (AI), born in the middle of 20 th century is ruling over the world. If you think it is not then I would say it is about to rule. It is also said that AI is 5000 years old but who cares. I will go with the younger one. AI made its way all along from symbolic AI of good old fashioned artificial intelligence to future predicting models and expert systems. It is everywhere, in agriculture, in health, education, finance, media, music, marketing, HR, games, security, and over and beneath the tides of oceans and in the silent space and everywhere you can think of. All I am trying is just to say that AI is ubiquitous Period. Researchers have made fascinating breakthroughs with breakneck speed but they are still striving to make milestones. AI is no more confined only to Hollywood, it is a reality now. The question is how this reality would come to us? As a curse or as a blessing? Max Hawkin, a software engineer, consciously submitte