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Top Level View of Some Common Fields in Computer Science and Information Technology

Computer science is a fast growing, rapidly evolving and a very vast field. Today's dream might become tomorrow's reality. Computer science spans from Nano Technology to giant industrial machine automation. Let us look at some of the careers in CS and IT.

10 Tips to improve your coding skills

You want to be a programmer and you are struggling for it. Don't worry, it is the way how it works but how your struggle returns to you really depends upon the way you learn, the way you practice and the way you think. You want to be a programmer who makes the logic very quickly and write almost half of the code in mind while studying the problem.

Learn Android Apps Development with Xamarin for free

Hi. I am here to tell you about a golden chance to get access to Xamarin University (onwed by Microsoft) online courses for free. They offer free and paid learning resources for different Microsoft technologies such as Xamarin, .Net, Azure etc which are really great. Xamarin University allows you to enjoy free learning

Google Code Jam 2017

Hello Geeks! Once again Google is inviting you (and me too) to participate in its most challenging, exciting and mega programming contest Code Jam 2017 where you will get a chance to test your cerebration and intellection by solving algorithmic puzzles.

Which Programming Language To Learn?

Hi. The title of this article is a question which flo ats in mind of every beginner. I will try to answer it. Four years ago I wanted to make a career in computer programming. I enrolled in Computer Science. I was asking myself “which language should I learn first?” I opened my browser and searched “Programming languages” in my favorite search engine and I got a long list. I was like just OMG (-feeling shocked), Do I need to learn all these? It will take me ages to master all of them (–feeling scared). Oh boy.