Some students have passion for programming and want to learn but they don’t know how to start and where to start. By students I don’t mean computer science or information technology students. One of my room mates who is student of BBA is learning web design. Doesn’t it sound weird? The common sense says yes. What the BBA student has to do with programming? But the common sense is wrong. I have studied several books written by authors with MBA degree in hand. They were and they are successful professionals.
                The conclusion of above discussion is if you have a passion to learn programming regardless of who you are and what you are, you are at one of the right places.
                Two and a half years ago I was among those students (mentioned above). But now I can accept each and every challenge which challenges my programming skills although I am still student with one and a half year to graduate (at the time of writing this post). I am not saying that I am the best and no one should say but frankly I am motivating you.
                You might be thinking how did I do that? Do I have some special kind of brain? Well no, I will share with you how I learnt programming and for sure you will find some tips for a rapid start.
                The first part of the story is about motivation (about self-motivation). Nobody can do anything unless motivated to do it. Why I prefer self-motivation? Because “self-motivation is the best motivation”. Nobody can motivate you better than you can yourself. In my case google khan and YouTube are big sources of motivation and luckily I have some good relations with my teachers who tap my back each and every time I meet them.
                The one and only quote which I found the most motivating for myself is:
“Programming is the closest thing we have to a super power.” Drew, Dropbox Creator
Wow if you know how to program, congrats! You are a super hero. But wait … super hero like who?
Captain America? Nup
Iron man? Spider man? The Hulk? Dead pool? Thor?
Stop! None of them … More than them
“I think that’s one of the biggest misconceptions about computer science and programming overall is that you have to learn this big body of information before you can do anything.” Mark Zuckerburg
“You don’t have to be a genius to know how to code, you need to be determined.” Vanessa
“Great coders are todays rock stars…. That’s it “.
                For being a good programmer you should have some really good searching skills. You should be able to search for exactly what you need. You should know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is and how it works. The largest search engine of today is Google which is a dumb (Microsoft’s Bing is also large enough but not as famous as Google Khan is). The Google can’t read your mind so you will have to tell it that what you are looking for. It is said that the most secret place to hide a dead body is the 2nd page of Google search result. So always explore the dead bodies land if you didn’t find your answer on the first page otherwise change your query. By changing the query I mean change the keywords. For example if I want learn ‘how to make coffee’ then I will try some queries like “how to make coffee”, “how to make coffee for the first time”, “what is the best way to make coffee”, “train me to make a cup of coffee”, “coffee coffee coffee”, “coffee making” and so on. Some of your queries might sound funny but who cares. Presence of people around also affect the searching process. Try to be alone when you decide to search something. It works for me, not sure about you. So start building your skills from now and search for stuff which can motivate you at its best and remember there is always a better thing which only needs to be uncovered so keep searching and never give up.
At the end another one, my favorite:
“If you only do the things that you know, you will never be more than you are now.” Master Shifu

See you soon …


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